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Farm to Fork

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    CompleatChef would like to get everyone back to making much of what they eat, and good health starts at the end of our forks.  With that in mind, buying fresh produce at local farmers' markets is a great way to give back to your community, and to support local producers so they can continue offering everyone fresh seasonal food choices.  Fresh is best with produce, and a farmers' market is buying direct from growers near your home. Support them today, so they are here tomorrow!  


    Consider doing Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), and a great resource for information about CSA: Click Here


    Try this link for zip, city or state farmers' market search: Click Here


    For another farmers' market zip code search try this link: Click Here


    Share your local Farmers' Market with us at CompleatChef.  We love to hear about all the great farmers & producers across the country. 

  • Over the past 30 years, some dramatic changes have occurred with the size of American waistlines. From 1960 to 1980, the percentage of US adults aged 20 to 74 considered overweight or obese remained in a range of 15 to 17% for women, and 10 to 13% for men. Starting in the mid 1980's, those numbers spiked to almost 21% for men & 26% for women. (Statistics from: Sadly, these numbers have only increased in the years since. According to the CDC, in 2010 35.7% of all US adults 20 and over, & 16.9% of children are considered obese. As we age, the obesity problem gets even worse. (link to CDC stats:

    This increase in obesity is startling, and a very big problem for the health of our country. It is a primary driver behind our epidemic of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and many other weight related health problems. Many reasons are put forward by health and medical experts for this explosion, from our processed diet, high sugar/carb consumption, food additives/toxins, wheat/grains, portion sizes, soda/sweets, lack of exercise and the list goes on. Whatever the reason for our collective weight gain over the years, the great news is that we can reverse this trend. We all have the power to control our weight and change our diet. There are no magic bullets, pills, surgeries or double secret diets to make us all thin over night, it just takes the will to stop eating the foods causing our spread. Where there is a will, there is a way, and it all starts on our plate.

    My personal battle with weight started in my late 30's. I never had a problem with my weight until I got older. In my 30's it became easier to gain, and harder to lose the spare tire. The overindulgence can be quite pleasurable, but fat feels horrible once it sets up residence around your body. Along with my weight gain, I began to have heartburn more frequently, symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome like diarrhea, bloating & frequent visits to the bathroom. This went on for some years, until I came across information about wheat, gluten & carbs in general causing these problems in others. I also found the blog by Mark Sisson. The blog is all about primal or Paleo living, and his great suggestion was to stop eating wheat (I included other grains & carbs like rice, potatoes & corn) for 10 to 15 days, and take note of the changes if any. Those 14 days changed my life, because most of my digestive problems disappeared and I felt better. I finally had some wheat on the last day of my carb fast, and had the worst heartburn following the meal.

    This personal experiment opened my eyes to the real problem with my health, and it started at the end of my fork. I began to reduce the amount of grains and carbohydrates in my daily meals. This is not easy, because grains are in everything, and who doesn't love great bread, pasta, cookies, cakes, and all the treats from wheat. Because wheat is in everything processed, we began to make more of our food and also eat more fresh fruits and vegetables in place of bread & pasta.

    The food plate pictured above has replaced the food pyramid used by the USDA as a guide for a healthy diet. However, our government still recommends 25% grains at every meal, and that is one of the contributors to our American weight problem. Substituting fruits, vegetables and other slow carbs for fast carbs on our plates will help lose the extra weight.

    Take the challenge, and go off carbs for 2 weeks and see if there are any noticeable changes. The next step is limiting carbs to just one meal per day. Keep it to a real portion size, and not the typical American portion which is more like three. The actual size of a real portion will make most men cry, and it will show just how much we over eat at every meal.

    Changing our plate is not easy, and giving up our daily bread is going to be difficult for many people. Move into it slowly, and use the list below as a guide for slow, medium & fast carb foods to eat. Again, try limiting fast & medium carbs to one meal per day, & substitute slow or no carbs in the other two meals.

    Good health really does begin on our forks, and the only way to know what you're eating is to make it. At CompleatChef, our goal is to get people back to cooking more of what they eat, and eating more fresh food from the farm. We are not about depriving our cravings, just keeping it in perspective. All good things in moderation, including our daily bread. I am never giving up buffalo chicken pizza, pasta and delicious bread, just eating it less often and in smaller amounts.

    Good luck & start eating better today. Join us and share your home cooking recipes. The best medicine is what we eat, and fresh fruits & vegetables are better cures than any pills from the kids in big pharma. A more healthy diet might also make some prescription drugs unnecessary, and that is the best medicine.

    Paul Harte
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  • Saucy Naturals is unprocessed, all-natural, and delicious food that has been amongst our friends and family for years and can now be experienced by yours. We support other small businesses and insure freshness as we gather our ingredients from local farmers.
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  • Simple Trick Removes Pesticides from Your Vegetables & Fruits.
    From Howard Garrett "The Dirt Doctor"
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  • Click these links to get coupons & deals for many items at your local grocer or big box store. Click on the link, then download the printer driver. Now you can print coupons for your favorite products from food to personal care items. We're crazy for deals!
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  • CompleatChef wants everyone eating & shopping farm to table. Check out the search tool from Local Harvest to find farmers' markets near your home. Just enter your zip code in the window below the Local Harvest logo above, and you can find your local farmers' market.

    Buy fresh from the farm! The food is better & it is the best way to thank a farmer.
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  • We had dinner in the kitchen room at 90 Acres, and experienced their version of a Chef's menu with Bring Me Food(BMF). At the start, your server will give everyone at the table a list of ingredients, and confirm there are no food allergies or food issues with any of the selections. Once all are satisfied, your courses begin to appear. There is an option to choose wine or beer pairings, but our party decided on a few bottles of Cabernet instead.

    The courses are brought to the table by one of the chefs cooking in the open kitchen. The kitchen room where they have BMF are tables around the open rectangular kitchen, and diners can watch this live culinary symphony. The chef & his team are a calm, cool, well oiled machine. No dropped pots, hot tempers, mishaps & errors caught by us diners, and they put on a great show. They also prepare some outstanding dishes that will just curl your toes.

    Our first course was Natirar Strawberry Gazpacho. It had some spice, a tomato flavor & the bite of strawberries. It was excellent, and I was sad it went down so fast.

    The next course was their own Soppressata with shaved toast & a delicious lemon mascarpone. The Soppressata had some heat, and they hit it out of the park with this dish. The chef bringing our food said the pig was milk fed. Either way, this pig tasted like it ate and lived well.

    Our next course was the Fried Natirar Egg with asparagus, summer truffle, arugula & lemon vinegar. Their chickens are free range Araucanas that lay the blue eggs. A nice piece of bread was necessary when attacking this course, and the egg was perfectly cooked.

    Next, we had softshells, watercress, snap peas, daikon (white radish) coriander, spring & black garlic. The crabs were fried & cut in two, and the flavors worked so well together in this dish. I could have eaten three of those crabs!

    The next course was porcelet, morels, ramps, anise hyssop, English peas & shoots. This might have been my favorite, and they included a piece of grilled pork belly & loin on the plate that melted in your mouth. Both were cooked perfectly tender, and I was sad that there wasn't more of that pork belly in particular.

    The next dish was Hudson flower, lemon, rosemary & lemon balm. It also had a delicious rosemary infused honey that exquisitely brought together the cheese & the fried toast. It was better than the best french toast, and the honey infused with rosemary will be copied.

    The first dessert was strawberries, lime & black pepper. It was a strawberry preserve, fried rice pudding ball, and this perfect strawberry sorbet. The rice pudding ball was so rich & delicious, and the strawberry flavors really brought it all together for a great sweet dessert.

    Our last course was Pot de Creme, and his was also too small. It was a rich chocolate custard with little chocolate balls on top. I could have finished a gallon of this stuff!
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