About Us


Born from the idea that super-busy people really can have wholesome meals made from a plant—not in a plant—CompleatChef is a food community on a mission to connect people with a passion for the real deal: cooking from scratch using fresh ingredients.


Whatever your tastes, curiosities, experience in the kitchen (or lack thereof), you’re invited to the CompleatChef table. Any adventures in cuisine you’d like to take? Veggies you’d like to—gasp!—grow yourself? Farm-to-table restaurants you’re dying to try? Local farmers that inspire you? First time to ever even open a bag of organic flour? If it gets your creative foodie-juices flowing, CompleatChef can help you start the conversation.


To begin, create your free CompleatChef profile, then get crackin’ on meeting other home cooks, finding and sharing favorite recipes, reading quick kitchen tips and news stories, reviewing eateries, and telling a few kitchen stories of your own (successes and screw-ups…we love ‘em all). And when you’ve gotten your fill virtually, we encourage you to bring the CompleatChef experience to life by way of our popular Supper Club forum, where you’ll find easy ways to break that homemade bread together with friends—offline and in person.


So, in an, ahem, nutshell*, at CompleatChef, it’s simple: we’re completely obsessed with bringing together made-from-scratch food and made-for-life friends. Ready to join us at the table? Get started here, and happy eating! (*That reminds us: Someone’s probably over in our Recipe section whipping up their own almond butter as we speak. Check it out now.)


Yours in deliciousness,

The CompleatChef Team