Pressure Cooked Short Ribs (by Vicki Harte)

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    Category: Dinner
    Main Ingredient: Beef
    Сooking Method: Steaming/boiling/simmering
    Сuisine: American
    Cooking Time: 30-60 mins
    Pressure Cooked Short Ribs (by Vicki Harte)

    2.5 lbs of beef short ribs
    4 large shallots quartered
    2 large carrots diced
    2 whole celery stalks & leaves
    3 garlic cloves chopped
    2 cups Madeira wine
    2 cups beef or chicken stock
    3 tbsn thyme leaves; (2 tspn dried)
    2 sprigs rosemary, chopped (1 tbsn dried)
    1 tbsn tomato paste
    1 bay leave
    2 tbsn butter

    Allow the meat sit at room temp 45 minutes to 1 hour.

    Trim the meat of silver skin and excess fat. Season with salt, pepper, thyme, chopped rosemary & olive oil.

    Brown all 4 sides of the ribs (3 minutes per side), drain fat & set aside.

    Use 1 tbsn of drained fat to cook the veggies. Add tomato paste and bay leaf. Deglaze the pot with 1/2 c wine and allow to caramelize the veggies until the liquid is evaporated. This will add depth of flavor to your dish.

    Add the beef back into the pressure cooker then add remaining wine and all the stock, covering the meat. Add more wine or stock to make sure the meat is covered. Set pressure cooker on high heat. Once it steams, lower heat & cook at medium temp 25 to 30 more minutes.

    After the pressure cooker cools, open & remove the meat & bones. Remove the bay leaf and stems. Using an immersion blender, carefully blend the hot liquid and veggies to get silky smooth. Add 2 tbsn flour or corn starch mixed in water, stock or wine and add to the hot mixture. Add butter if desired and season to taste. I like to use chicken base instead of salt to add additional depth.

    Allow to reduce and thicken. Add the ribs to warm them up and serve over egg noodles, mashed potatoes, or our favorite, celery root puree.

    Nothing warms the soul like fork tender meat in a savory with a hint of sweet gravy. And nothing does it zippier then using the pressure cooker! Doing these in the pressure cooker is amazing & having super tender short ribs in a little over an hour (start to finish) is beyond heaven. Now you can make this soul-hug of a dish in a Dutch oven, simply cook it with the lid on at 350 for 2.5 to 3 hours. We served with Brussels sprout hash, celery root puree & a wedge salad. Delish and no tip required!

    Serves 4

    • Short ribs! Be sure to trim them before you season them for the most fork-tender results.
    • Brown ribs in the pressure cooker first, then remove....
    • Brown the veggies next using some of the rendered rib fat. Ooh la la!
    • Everything in the pot & on high to temp. Once she blows, low for 30 minutes....No kidding!
    • The tender morsels of short rib atop a silky pillow of celery root puree...devine!